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Whole Site Submission

The days when search engines would scan the entire internet, looking for content, are over.

The explosion of web sites over the last few years has meant that search engines no longer work to provide complete content.  Instead they aim for a representative sample of the web.  This means that, proportionately, fewer sites, and fewer pages per site, are getting indexed.

Some of your most relevant web content - detailed information about products and services - probably did not make it to search engines.

To address this problem, we've developed "Whole Site Submission" - submitting every single page on your web site to the major search engines.

Here 's how it works:

First , we 'll spider your site for "robot.txt" files.  These files are designed to prohibit the indexing of web sites.  An incorrectly placed or configured "robot.txt" file will prevent your web site from getting indexed.  We 'll let you know if we find any.
Second, we will spider your entire web site, compiling a list of every web page on your site (except those prohibited by "robot.txt") - up to 100 pages.

We'll then post every page individually to the search engines. This usually takes a few days.  (We need to spread the submissions out over time, since we don 't want to be accused of "spamming" the search engines).

Finally, we 'll send you a report on which pages we found and which we submitted, including any negative comments returned by the search engines.

Our fee for this service is $249.00.

As always, you can have unlimited free submissions during the first three months, and we guarantee satisfaction. We will send you a report and an invoice when we are finished.

We accept orders by fax and e-mail, and through the form below.  (If you would like a faxable form, click here).
Required information is indicated by a .

The following information will be posted to the search engines,
and should be considered public information:

Contact name:

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Description (250 characters max.):

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Please revise my site for optimal search engine indexing,
as described in Preparing your site.
I understand there is an additional $95.00 charge for this.
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Please give us an e-mail address we can
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We will bill via Email.

Terms are net 15 days, payable in US funds drawn on a US bank.