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What's the Deal?

Just fill out the form in the Order section of this web site. We will bill you upon completion of the promotion.

How long will it take?
Generally, we complete the submissions within two business days of receiving your order. It can take an individual search engine or index up to three weeks to process your submission, although most are much faster.

How will I know that you have promoted my sight?
As we post your site to the various search engines, we capture their responses, and build them into an HTML-formatted report, which we will send you as an attachment to your e-mail bill. Save this file to your disk, and view it through your Web browser. It provides comments about your promotion from the search engines, plus links to them.

Are there any guarantees?
While we can't guarantee that your hits will increase, or that you'll be at the top of the list, we do guarantee that we will submit your site, and that you will be satisfied with our work on your behalf. We do not require prepayment. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you don't pay the bill.