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Preparing your Site

Although most search engines will accept the descriptions and keywords which we submit to them, some of the largest will not.

Alta Vista, Lycos, Web Crawler, and Excite (among others) will scan your site and use what they find to index your site. In order for this to be accomplished correctly, you must have three elements in place:

  1. You should use META tags to provide the search engines with key words and descriptions.

  2. You should also include key words and descriptions on your site, in plain text.

  3. You should include a descriptive site title within the "TITLE" tags.
These elements can easily be added by your web site designer.

Alternatively, if you are in a rush and would like us to make these changes, please indicate so on your order form.

We will:

Download your home page.

Edit the source code for optimal search engine indexing.

E-mail the finished product to you for inclusion in your web site.

Our fee for this is $95.00.

The META tags will not be visible to the viewer, but are used by most of the site-scanning search engines to build their indexes.

The key words and description in text can be in very small type, but should appear at the top of your home page. These can be added in a color similar to your background to make them somewhat less visible to viewers. These will be used by those site-scanning search engines (like Excite) which do not accept META tags. Please remember, search engines cannot index graphic images. They can only index text. If a web page lacks descriptive text, there is little chance it will come up in the results of a search engine query.

Additionally, try to focus on the 4-6 keywords that you think are most important on your web site and put them in both your title and top third of your web page.

Finally, the site title within the "TITLE" tags is used by some search engines as the title of your listing. Without this element, your siteis shown with a description, but with "Untitled" for a link.