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Creating businesses on the Internet 

These days, most companies have websites, but many websites do not serve current business needs. 

We specialize in creating businesses on the Internet.  We design new websites, or work with existing sites, enhancing them to act as a two-way point of communications with website viewers, in order to facilitate the exchange of information and act as a vehicle to consummate business.   We also specialize in website promotion, optimizing sites for search engines, and managing pay-per-click, link exchange, and opt-in email campaigns.

Among the facilities we build into websites are the following:

  • Dual use wholesale/retail shopping carts
  • Non-priced Request for Proposal shopping carts
  • Mailing list managers, allowing site owners to email list members.
  • Online Live Chat
  • Databases
  • Dynamic web pages which appear as static pages, enhancing search engine placement.
  • Simple web sites

We conduct extensive marketing and reporting efforts on behalf of website hosting clients, and are available for a la carte promotion services.

 For a free consultation on how we can help you improve your internet business, call us.